6 Reasons to Reach Out for CoQ10

Feel the surge with the “sparkplug of our body!”


Ultimate Energy Generator

Residing in the mitochondria – your energy factory, CoQ10 kickstarts energy production, fuelling the factory and producing 95% of your body’s energy.


Energy DUO with Polyphenols

Want sustainable energy? Take a combination of CoQ10 and polyphenols. Polyphenols produce more mitochondria while CoQ10 fuels mitochondria to produce more energy!


Powerful Source of Antioxidants

A potent antioxidant, CoQ10 is benefcial for healthy, youthful skin, efficiently combating free radical damage caused by UV rays.


A Vital Nutrient for the Heart

CoQ10 is naturally concentrated in the heart that pumps blood 24/7. Love your heart. Take CoQ10!


Stay Youthful at Any Age

CoQ10 levels peak in your 20s and start to deplete in your 20s! You may notice fatigue, body weakness and emotional stress. Up your CoQ10 levels with a CoQ10 supplementation.


Are You on Statins? You Need CoQ10!

Statins lower cholesterol levels, which is a good thing. Did you know it also lowers CoQ10 levels? As much as 40%, according to research. Keep cholesterol in check while maintaining CoQ10 levels, with a CoQ10 supplement into your daily diet.

100mg of CoQ10 is equivalent to:

1 capsule of Shaklee CoQ-Trol Plus


3kg of
Red Meat


100 cups of
Boiled Broccoli


100 tablespoons of Canola Oil


3.3kg of Peanut Butter

Choose wisely for your health. Get 100mg of CoQ10 with every CoQ-Trol Plus tablet!

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