Bringing Out the Best in Men

Men are portrayed as superheroes and role models. They juggle many priorities in life and are expected to lead and perform well in all that they do. Help them step
up to better health with the right nutrition at every stage.

What You’ll Need



40s and beyond


Helps to develop and maintain muscle mass.

For a healthy body weight maintenance due to slow metabolism.

For a healthy body weight maintenance.

Vitamin C

Boosts your immunity.

Neutralises free radicals, boosts immunity.

For healthy ageing and boosts immunity.

Vitamin E

Maintains healthy hormone levels, increasing male’s testosterone level.

Boosts men’s fertility rate.

Optimises male’s hormone and health.

Schizandra chinensis, milk thistle, turmeric, dandelion, artichoke and reishi mushroom

Revitalise liver due to lack of sleep.

Detoxify liver so you wake up fresh every day.

Improve liver functions.


Helps improve memory.

Enhances focus so you perform better at work and aids in boosting metabolism

Maintains cognitive health and helps break down fats effectively.

Coenzyme Q10

Enhances energy levels.

Powers up sperm movement to increase fertility rate.

Promotes better heart functions.


Promotes enzyme functions for optimal health.

Increases healthy sperm count to boost fertility rate.

Maintains prostate health.

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