Busting 5 Hair Conditioner Myths for Luscious Locks!

For vibrant and healthy hair, it’s crucial to separate fact from fiction. Here, we debunk 5 common myths about hair conditioner and share important facts for proper use, ensuring your hair gets the care it deserves.

Myth #1: Silky hair doesn’t need conditioning

FACT: A conditioner helps detangle hair by repairing damage caused by a hair wash, UV rays, daily styling and other factors. Although your hair may feel silky, it might still be damaged at the ends.

Myth #2: Conditioners are made with harsh chemicals

FACT: While some conditioners may contain some amount of harsh chemicals, you can always opt for a plant-based or sensitivity safe formulation to suit your routine.

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Myth #3: Conditioners can cause hair fall

FACT: There is no direct link between conditioners causing hair fall. If you are noticing hair fall after using a conditioner, it can be because of factors like aggressive shampooing or tugging on wet hair while brushing.

Myth #4: Avoid applying conditioner to the scalp; it can be harmful

FACT: While it’s true that conditioners should not be applied on the scalp, it is not because they are harmful. Your scalp is already has natural oils for conditioning so applying conditioner there can make your hair greasy.

Myth #5: Conditioners make hair limp

FACT: Applying conditioner to the scalp, using excess amounts and improper rinsing could leave your feeling limp when it dries. Choose a suitable conditioner for your hair type and use the right amount to prevent limp roots.

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