Covid-19 variants are evolving – Delta, Omicron, and now XBB! Don’t Take Your Immunity for Granted

Load up on Vitamin C to keep your natural body defense strong!

Did You Know?

Those with adequate levels of vitamin C are able to fight off infections compared to those with vitamin C defiency.1 Boost your body’s defense with vitamin C now!

A Vital Component in Body’s Defense

Vitamin C helps stimulate the production and functions of white blood cells for enhanced immune system and to support resistance against infection.

Shorten Duration of Infection

Research shows that vitamin C does not only reduce duration of flu but also reduces the duration of fever and cold.

Boost Healing

Vitamin C is needed for our body to heal wounds, repair and maintain healthy cartilage, bones, teeth and skin. Research shows that deficiency in vitamin C is associated with poor collagen formation and delayed wound healing. People with severe vitamin C deficiency may lose teeth, bleed easily,
and lose the strength of their bones.2

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