Dare To Bare with YOUTH™

If the thought of a bare face with no make up on scares you, you must try YOUTH™. Helping you feel confident in your own skin, your natural beauty should shine everywhere you go.

TIP1: Select the Right Cleanser

Facial cleansers help remove dirt and impurities so your skin look fresh and bright. Choose one that combines both gel and oil cleansers to deep cleanse, decongest pores and absorbs impurities better.

YOUTH™ Luminous Gel Oil Cleanser
  • YOUTH™ Luminous Gel Oil Cleanser
  • Polishes, purifies and prepares skin.
  • 3-in-1 and soap-free, pH-balanced.

Item Code: 14101 (125ml)

TIP2: Get an Effective Moisturiser

Get that glow from naturally-moiturised skin. Choose one with SPF protection so your skin is protected against environmental pollutants and sun exposure.

YOUTH™ Age Defense Moisturizer SPF50
  • Moisturises and improves overall skin tone.
  • Protects skin with SPF 50 broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen.

Item Code: 14104 (50ml)

TIP3: Unmask Your Beauty

Indulge your skin with facial masks. Choose masks that target your skin concerns, so your skin restores its radiance once more.

YOUTH™ Hydrating Gel Mask
  • Soothes and refreshes for invigorating and glowing skin.
  • Hydrates skin with long-lasting moisture.

Item Code: 14122 (30ml)

YOUTH™ Purifying Clay Mask
  • Detoxifies and purifies skin.
  • Absorbs and removes pollutants, impurities and excess sebum to help minimise the appearance of pores to reveal smoother skin.

Item Code: 14121 (30ml)

Use the masks to cater to specific skin concerns

TIP4: Radiate from Within

Free radicals cause premature ageing so up your skin care routine with an antioxidants-rich combination of vitamin C and E.

Radiance C+E
  • Plumps, brightens and visibly reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and age spots.
  • Smooths skin textures and improves overall skin tone.

Item Code: 14110 (60 capsules)

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