Enjoy the Festive Feast Without Guilt!

What’s a festive season without our favourite food such as Rendang, lemang, satay, kuah kacang and assorted kuih? However, the after-effect isn’t so comforting. Worry not as these products help you ease discomforts while you detoxify your body so you can enjoy your favourite food anytime, anywhere!

Food Overload? Help Your Liver to Cope
Help your body to detoxify to help restore and maintain your liver health with a formula of herbs with beneficial properties such as milk thistle seed extract, reishi mushroom, schizandra chinensis, dandelion, turmeric and artichoke.

Feeling Stuck?
Oftentimes, we’ll neglect to consume enough fibre and water especially during the festive season. Worry not as Herb-Lax is enhanced with a proprietary blend which includes senna leaf, traditionally used as a natural laxative. It also helps release mild constipation due to low intake of fibre or fluid.

Need A Hand in Detox?
Dubbed as the “father of all foods”, alfalfa is a storehouse of around 300 nutrients. It contains high content in digestive fibre and enzymes that perform bodily functions. Several clinical studies have found that alfalfa promotes healthy bowel movements and a healthy digestive system.1, 2

Feeling Lethargic After A Full Meal?
Up your energy by optimising cell functions and to convert fats and sugar into usable energy throughout the day. CoQ-Trol Plus provides a natural, proprietary blend of 100mg of Coenzyme Q10 plus resvertraol and tocopherol. It is also equipped with olive oil delivery system for optimum absorption.

Feeling Bloated?
Peppermint and ginger have been traditionally used over many centuries for their soothing and calming sensations and to ease occasional digestive discomforts including bloating and gas. It contains a fourherb formulation including peppermint, ginger, fennel and anise to aid digestion and for gas relieving effects.

Too Much Greasy Food?
Soy lecithin breaks up fats into tiny molecules for digestion, thus reducing fats accumulation in the body. It helps by breaking them into fatty acids to encourage the body to use them as an energy fuel instead of storing the fats in the tissues.

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