Fasting for the First Time?

Ease Your Child’s Fasting with These Tips!
It is natural for the first 2 to 3 days to be the toughest for the child who is attempting to fast for the very first time. From a nutrition perspective, here are some ideas for parents to ease their children’s fasting experience.

Early to Bed and Early to Rise
Encourage your children to have a proper sleep routine and enough sleep to help them:

  • Wake up on time for sahur.
  • Keep their energy levels up.
  • Stay alert and attentive in class.

Participate in Iftar Preparation
By involving your children for iftar preparation, it creates a sense of participation in the overall fasting experience.

  • Make it enjoyable for a great bonding experience.
  • Cook up their favourite dishes and desserts.
  • Add a healthy twist to recipes such as using Shaklee Meal Shakes for great-tasting ice cream and creamy shakes!

Have A Good Start
The first meal of the day is the most important. Give your child a good start to the day at sahur with:

  • A high-energy diet. Milk and eggs are a great energy booster.
  • A glass of delicious Shaklee Meal Shakes packed with vitamins and minerals to ensure your children stay full longer.
  • Drinks to keep them hydrated all day and prevent thirst with Performance® with yummy orange or lemon-lime flavours.
  • Include fruits and vegetables as important sources of fibre.

Eat Healthily
Encourage healthy eating at iftar to nourish lost electrolytes and lack of vitamins and minerals:

  • Dates and water – a simple way to break fast.
  • Home-made soups and stews are healthy and rich in minerals and salts.
  • Avoid refined, oily foods and over-eating.
  • A glass of delicious Shaklee Meal Shakes to soothe the tummy after a day’s fasting and prevent your children from over-eating.

Fasting Made Easier!

  • Excellent source of dietary fibre, protein, calcium and zinc for healthy growth and development.
  • Helps keep little tummies full for longer.
  • Tastes great when added to shakes, creamy soups, cakes and ice cream!
  • Perfect for active, growing children and teens. Mommies and daddies will love it too!

Stay Full and Hydrated All Day Long!

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