Hello Mommy, Do You Take Soy Protein?


As you’re eating for two, it’s crucial for moms to obtain complete nutrients to support a healthier pregnancy. Opt for the healthier choice – soy protein – to stay healthy and active throughout your pregnancy.

1. Healthier Baby Growth

Protein plays crucial role in baby’s tissue and organ development1, especially in the second and third trimester to support baby’s rapid growth which sets the foundation of the baby’s health.

2. A Strong and Healthy Baby

Adequate protein supports development of immune cells2 while the baby is still in the womb. Research shows that insufficient protein intake in pregnant moms will affect the immune health of the baby.3

3. A Healthier and More Energetic Pregnancy

Soy protein contains ideal amount of protein and carbohydrate to meet pregnant mom’s increasing nutritional needs. It also provides sustainable energy for a more active you throughout pregnancy.


A breastfeeding mom requires almost twice as much protein than a non-nursing mom. Besides maintaining energy levels in moms, protein is also crucial as it’s an important component of breastmilk.

1. A Steady Breast Milk Supply

  • Complete nutrients in soy protein fulfils breastfeeding mom’s protein needs u to encourage a constant production of breast milk for baby’s optimal growth.
  • Serves as a healthier alternative for breastfeeding moms to manage body weight as it increases satiety and reduces body fat, improving body composition.


Energizing Soy Protein delivers highest quality plant-based soy protein essential to promote baby’s healthy growth and development as well as supporting mom’s breastfeeding journey.

  • Provides 14g of Low Glycemic Index protein
  • PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acis Score) score of 1.0- highest value of protein digestibility and highest protein quality
  • Contain 9 essential amino acids
  • Rich in Calcium
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Soy Protein helps to reduce cholesterol*
*Amount of soy protein recommended to give the lowering effect on the blood cholesterol is 25g per day.

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