How Clean is Clean?

What you use to clean is supposed to be clean and free of harm. Did you know that your dishwashing liquid can contain chemicals such as surfactants, foaming agents, fragrance, preservatives, hand softeners and colour? Most of them leave a residue and inadvertently you are consuming them, especially your young children, on a daily basis.

Beware of These Harmful Chemicals in Your Dishwashing Liquid

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)

This detergent and surfactant give its foamy property and allows it to cut through grease. The chemical can absorb through your skin and can lead to 1,4-dioxane contamination, a type of carcinogen.


Used to remove grease and reduce spotting, it depletes oxygen levels and promote the growth of certain algae which are toxic when consumed. Excessive algae growth impacts drinking water quality and harms aquatic life.

Phthalates or fragrance

Artificial fragrances contain hundreds to thousands of chemicals where it could cause major allergic reactions, skin irritation, dizziness and headaches.


with GET CLEAN® Hand Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate

  • Does not leave harmful residue on surfaces
  • Safe for all dishes and utensils
  • Safe for babies’ bottles
  • pH balanced, mild on hands
  • Non-toxic

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Natural, sustainable sourced ingredients


Biodegradable surfactants


Hypoallergenic and no chlorine – gentle on hands


Tough on grease

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