How To Pick Your Fish Oil

Consuming fsh oil regularly brings numerous health benefts to your body – from improving circulatory health, brain health to promoting joint health. Do you know what goes into the fsh oil that you’re consuming?

1. Beware of heavy metal contaminants

Heavy metal contamination such as mercury has been linked to the ingestion of certain fsh. When contaminated fsh is caught and processed into fsh oil, heavy metals are also present in the end product. Distillation process helps to eliminate these contaminants. The higher the distillation process, the better and safer the fsh oil is.

2. Get right amount of DHA & EPA

Did you know that fsh oil labels often include concentration of overall fsh oil instead of content of DHA and EPA? Since the vital components needed by the body are DHA and EPA, remember to read labels correctly. Look for one that provides you with a minimum of 300mg DHA and 400mg EPA.

3. Avoid added flavours

There are products in the market with added flavours to cover the rancid smell of fsh oil. Choose a fsh oil with no added flavour and one with higher distillation process as it removes odour more effectively.

4. It’s better with full spectrum of Omega-3

Our body requires a full spectrum of omega-3 in addition to EPA and DHA to support and maintain normal bodily functions. Choose a fsh oil that contains a full spectrum of 7 pure occurring omega-3 including EPA, DHA and more!

5. Size matters

Did you know that the bigger the fsh, the higher its accumulation of toxins and heavy metals? Don’t be fooled!

Love Your Health

Be smart! Choose fish oil with:

Triple Distillation Process

High EPA & DHA Concentration

No Added Flavours

Sourced from Small Fish

Full Spectrum of Omega-3

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