Is Daily Conditioner Use Necessary?

The answer is YES! Why? Shampoo cleanses by opening the hair’s cuticle, while conditioner seals it, locking in nutrients for moisturised, stronger hair that’s less prone to breakage.

Follow these simple steps to give your hair that nourishing treat

Wring or towel-dry hair after rinsing off your shampoo. This is to ensure your
conditioner sticks to your hair and can deliver nutrients to your hair effectively.

Squeeze out a coin-size dollop of conditioner and gently massage evenly from
the mid-lengths of your hair to the tips. Ensure every strand is covered for optimal
conditioning results.

Leave for a few minutes to let the magic happen!

Thoroughly rinse until hair doesn’t feel slippery to avoid greasy or weighed-down residue.

Tip: Use cold water to rinse off the conditioner for extra shine! Avoid your roots to prevent greasy, weighed-down look.

Conditioner helps moisturise your scalp and hair

  • Repairs surface damage and mends split ends.
  • Formulated for optimal hair growth and health.
  • Lightweight and non-greasy hijab-friendly formula.

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