Keep Your Supplements Safe and Fresh

New to supplements? It’s good to advise your downlines and customers on how to store supplements to prevent them from degrading.

1. Read the Label
Always read the labels of the supplements and store them according to the instructions given. While most of the vitamins and supplements should be stored at room temperature, there are some that require refrigeration such as Vivix®. Vivix® is air-flown chilled from the United States to keep it potent and fresh. To maintain its temperature, use the Cooler Bag while you’re traveling or transporting Vivix® to your customers.

2. Protect from Light and Moisture
For optimal potency, Shaklee recommends storing its supplements below 30°C and protect from light and moisture. Storing your supplements in places with high heat and humidity may reduce the supplements’ shelf life and effectiveness. That’s when you start seeing brown spots or discolouration on the pills.

3. Ways to Keep ‘em Fresh
Keep Cool
One of the good places to store supplements is the bedroom. It experiences lesser
fluctuations in humidity and it’s usually cool and dry, suitable to store your supplements. Make sure to keep them away from open windows and sunlight.

Avoid Moisture
For long-term storage, you can store your supplements in the refrigerator. However, ensure the bottle is sealed as opening and closing the refrigerator door may cause moisture to form due to condensation. Avoid storing in the medicine cabinet in the washroom as it is exposed to heat and humidity daily.

Avoid High Temperatures
To prevent your supplements from degrading, keep them away from high temperatures. Avoid the kitchen as the temperature fluctuates as you use the oven and stovetop. Do not keep in the car as the temperature could rise up to 70°C, degrading the supplements at a faster rate.

Follow These Tips!

Keep Your Powder Fresher
To prevent Performance from caking, do not open the lid. Make a small triangle on the lid and pour the powder from it. Keep it tightly closed before storing in the refrigerator.

Store in Airtight and Opaque Containers
To avoid moisture, keep your supplements in an airtight container. Most supplements require specific type of packaging for optimal potency. They also lose effectiveness when exposed to light and must be stored in opaque containers.

Use Containers with Individual Compartments
As different supplements interact differently, it may create adverse chemical reactions when stored together. Hence, never combine several supplements into one container or bottle. For weekly dosage or short-term storage, use a container with individual compartments.

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