Level Up Your Defence

How protected are you against environmental aggressors such as virus, bacteria and stress? Level up your defence now, more so when you’re out and about with the reopening of economy. Check out these immune-boosting nutrients!


Soy Protein ~ Builds Antibodies

  • Protein is the building block in immune cells especially antibodies.
  • Supports development of healthy and strong defense; eyes (tears), mouth (saliva) and nose (mucus).
  • Strengthens skin structure, lowering the opportunity for germs to enter our body.


Vitamin C ~ Produces Immune Cells

  • Helps stimulate production and boost functions of immune cells.
  • Helps your body produce essential antibodies to combat, fight and neutralise germs.
  • Researches have shown that vitamin C does not only reduce duration of flu but also reduces the duration of fever and cold.


Pumpkin Seeds, Plantago Seeds, Safflower Flowers & Japanese Honeysuckle Flower ~ Your Natural Immune Support

  • Activates and strengthens your immune response by increasing production of interferon in your body.
  • Interferon is a protein produced by our body to trigger body resistance mechanism and kill invading pathogens or bacteria.
  • The more and active your interferons, the stronger your immune health is.


Polyphenols ~ Boost Your Immune System

  • Enhances immune system functions against infections1.
  • Prevents certain virus replication in the body and reduces flu duration2.
  • Strengthens your immune reaction and speeds up recovery duration2.

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