Live Green Live Clean with Basic H2®

Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate is a versatile cleaner that can tackle thousands of household jobs. From keeping your car to your home surfaces clean, this all-natural cleaner will leave your home sparkling clean without leaving behind any harmful chemicals.

Keep your home clean and safe with these essential cleaning hacks!

Children Toys

Have a peace of mind knowing that your children’s toys are safe and clean. Spray Basic H2® on toys and wipe clean.

Baby Chair

Prepare a safe haven for your child even during meals. Spray Basic H2® on baby chair and wipe clean.

Quick Tips: Don’t worry about the mess your child makes. Basic H2® is effective in removing grime without leaving any harmful residue!


Stay safe by bringing Basic H2® with you wherever you go! Spray on shopping trolley handles. Spray some on your hands immediately after touching public surfaces.

Quick Tips:

All Home Surfaces

Not forgetting your table, chairs, kitchen countertops, leather sofa and house plants, use Basic H2® on any surfaces without leaving any nasty residue.

Quick Tips: Get shiny leather by putting 2 drops on a damp sponge, then wipe the item dry.


This is the one of the most touched but forgotten object in the house that requires frequent cleaning. Just spray and wipe clean with Basic H2®!

Car (Interior and Exterior)

Basic H2® is gentle yet strong to make cleaning easy and effective. Spray into the interior of your car especially the steering wheel as it’s the most touched area.

Quick Tips: Car Wash - Mix 15ml in 4.5L of water. Wash a small area at a time. Hose off. Wipe windshield, windows and chrome after rinsing; the rest of the car dries without spots or streaks.


The handphone is exposed to germs as we bring it everywhere, including to the toilet. Spray Basic H2® on a clean cloth and wipe the surfaces regularly.

Quick Tips: Remove your handphone cover and clean thoroughly, even in difficult to reach areas.

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