Losing Hair After Giving Birth? Lose No More with ProSante® Hair Care

Postpartum hair loss has to be on one of the most challenging things a new mother has to go through. While it is temporary, some cases could last for years. Read on to find out what these mothers went through and how they overcame it.

Strengthened Hair Once More!

Nur Fathihah Wan Su | 30, Kuantan

After my second child was born, I experienced extreme hair fall. It was nerve wrecking every time I combed my hair as I was afraid I would see big clumps of hair left in my hair brush. This condition continued on for some time until I was very concerned about my hair loss.

Then, I was introduced to ProSante® Hair Care. After using it, I noticed my hair fall had decreased. I was no longer as fearful when I brush my hair. With prolonged usage of the products, my hair looked thicker and healthier, thanks to the natural ingredients in the products
which strengthened my hair roots naturally. I love ProSante® !

Fuller and Healthier Hair is Not a Dream

Tracy Christy Baikit | 31, Kota Kinabalu

I’m a mother of 3. After my first delivery, I didn’t consume any health products. When I wash my hair, I noticed a handful of hair fell off and another handful was seen when I was drying my hair. At first I didn’t care much about it but over time, my hair became thinner. When I tie it, it looked like a cat’s tail, not a ponytail. Fearing my hair condition would worsen, I cut it short.

Then I realised that I lacked proper nutrition both inside and out. That was when I found Shaklee. I consistently consumed Vivix, ResV, Sustained Release Vita-C Plus™ and Omega Guard™.

I also used ProSante® Hair Care and YOUTH™ Skin Care. My transformation was obvious – I felt more energetic, my hair looked fuller and my skin glowed!

I strongly recommend all women, especially after giving birth, to nourish yourself from within as it’s important to look after yourself so you stay beautiful inside out.

Face the World Confidently

Mimi | 35, Miri

I experienced serious hair fall after giving birth to my youngest child. My hair got progressively thin and my scalp looked bare. The hair loss shattered my confidence. I was so self-conscious I was embarrassed to meet people at times.

I used many over-the-counter shampoos to reduce hair fall but to no avail. Then, someone recommended me ProSante® Hair Care. I used it diligently and saw positive results! My hair grew and looked fuller! I’m thrilled with my restored crowning glory. Now I can face the world confidently!

A Healthy Scalp is the Foundation for Healthy Hair

Revitalizing Shampoo

  • Invigorates, smoothens cuticles and volumizes hair.
  • Gives hair strength, shine and resilience.

Nourishing Scalp Treatment

  • Nourishes, strengthens and thickens by reducing hair loss during combing.
  • Protects natural, healthful oil-moisture balance.

Replenishing Conditioner

  • Strengthens, smoothens and adds shine.
  • Repairs surface damage and mends split ends.

Made with natural ingredients

Gentle on scalp

No sulfates

No parabens

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