Who says fats are unhealthy? Get your hands on omega-3 fatty acids also known as fish oil. It’s one of the best fats you must get through your diet to maintain health. Love your health. Love omega-3 fatty acids!

Did you know

Your heart beats more than 60 beats per minute. Love your heart!

Omega-3 Loves Your Heart

Some people may have higher heart rate, putting them at higher risk of having sudden cardiac death. However, researchers proved that daily supplementation of omega-3 fish oil helpsto maintain heart rate in people with higher heart rate, reducing risk of sudden cardiac death. It also helps to reduce triglyceride level, one of the causes that leads to heart attack and stroke.1

Did you know

Baby with mothers who took omega-3 fish oil during pregnancy has advanced level of attention spans. 2

Omega-3 Loves Your Baby

Omega-3 fatty acids are a major component in the development of baby’s brain and eyes. It’s essential throughout pregnancy and into the childhood years. It also supports healthy vision development and promotes better sleep.3,4

Did you know

60% of your brain is fat, making it the fattiest organ in our body.

Omega-3 Loves Your Mind

The brain is the most important organ in the body as it helps us perform our daily tasks. Researchers found that brains rich with omega-3 have reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease and brain nerve damage. As a result, you have better memory, enhanced learning ability, higher attention span and better mood.5,6

Did you know

Omega-3 fatty acids contain great anti-inflammatory properties.

Omega-3 Loves Your Joints

When cartilage that cushions your bone end in the joints start to become thinner, you will experience joints stiffness, less in joint movement, and joint pain with tenderness at the affected area. Omega-3 work to decrease the inflammation that cause the pain, slowing down the progression of joint pain and act as lubricants for you to move freely and pain free!7,8

Calling All Pregnant Moms!

A research showed that 92% of pregnant and breastfeeding moms in Malaysia DID NOT take enough omega-3 fatty acids daily. Mommy, love your health and baby. Start by taking 1000mg of fish oil daily!


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