Protect Your Body from A.G.E(ing).

Have you wondered why some people tend to age faster than others? The answer lies in the formation of Advanced Glycation End (A.G.E.) products in your body. They are known as your cells’ waste product and they accumulate as you age. A.G.E. can also form in food that have been exposed to high temperatures such as frying and toasting. Reduce the formation of A.G.E. to protect your health.

A.G.E Causes These


Cardiovascular disease

Premature ageing

Alzheimer’s disease

Cellular damage

Compromise longevity of cells

The journey of a healthy body starts with healthy cells. Protect your health.

Live Vibrantly!

Polyphenols for Happy, Healthy Cells

Quercetin is a type of polyphenol found in berries, proven effective to inhibit A.G.E formation up to 60%!1 Start your day healthy by consuming polyphenols.

Laboratory studies also showed that a unique blend of polyphenols of muscadine grape and Rejuvetrol™ patent-pending blend of Purple Carrot Extract, European Elderberry and Japanese Knotweed Extract helps to slow down the formation of A.G.E up to 90% compared to only resveratrol alone, with a reduction of only 30%.2,3 Cells with lower A.G.E protein promotes heart health and a healthier blood glucose level.

The Perfect Blend of Polyphenols
These botanicals provide a unique spectrum of polyphenols that boost cell health and promote longevity.

Muscadine Grape

Purple Carrot Extract

European Elderberry Extract

Japanese Knotweed Extract

Rejuvetrol™ patent-pending blend

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