PROVEN! Polyphenols Work!

You have probably heard about polyphenols. Take a deeper look into how polyphenols can change your health for the better from a science perspective.


Nasi lemak, curry mee, and nasi kandar kuah banjir. These are Malaysian favourites that are, unfortunately, also high in fat and carbohydrates.

Excessive intake of fats and carbohydrates can cause weight gain and can trigger body inflammation, a major risk factor for metabolic disease and can accelerate cellular aging.

POLYPHENOLS - Reduce Inflammation After a Heavy Meal

Taking a polyphenol-based nutritional supplement before a high fat and high carbohydrate meal, can significantly reduce oxidative and inflammatory stress.

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Did you know that a diet high in sugar can make you look older than your actual age?

This is because Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) forms in your body.
They are known as your cells’ waste product, and they accelerate the ageing process.

AGEs are formed when excessive sugar reacts with protein inside your body. It can damage your collagen and is associated with most chronic diseases including heart disease, liver issue, high blood pressure and more.


NRF2 in our bodies help prevent oxidative stress and inflammation in our cells. For people who exercise and eat healthy, supplementing with polyphenols can turn on the NRF2 switch to fight against inflammation, free radicals and toxins.
According to research, a unique blend of polyphenols may improve NRF2 expression in human cells.

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POLYPHENOLS - Inhibit Formation of AGEs

According to research, a unique blends of polyphenols may help to inhibit the formation of these AGEs by 80%.

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