Raya Feasting? Eat Smart!

Elevate your Raya celebrations with healthier eating. Try these tips to stay fit while enjoying your gatherings.

Take Lecithin Before Feasting

Taking 3-6 Lecithin softgels before indulging in festive meals can be like a helper for your body. It makes it easier for your body to use fat from these meals for energy for better weight management.

Go For a Smaller Plate

Fill your small plate only once to manage intake and prevent overindulging.

Start with Protein and Fiber

Prioritise nutrient-dense options like whole grains, lean proteins, and fresh vegetables over calorie-laden processed foods.

Beware of Hidden Calories

Kuah satay, drinks, and desserts can be calorie bombs in disguise. Choose water, unsweetened tea. Go easy on the gravy and desserts.

Eat Slowly

Allow your body to register satiety cues and prevent mindless overeating.

Stop When 80% Full

Pay attention to your body’s hunger cues. Stop eating when 80% full, not stuffed.

Replace with Cinch for One Meal

Control calorie intake.Replace one meal with nutritious Life Cinch® Mixed Soy Protein Chocolate Shake.

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