Real people. Real results.

These are people just like you, with busy schedules. They took charge of their fitness and health. Join them to transform to a new, healthier you! 

Regain Body Confidence

I was shy as I was body conscious. With my amazing Shaklee Effect, I now gained stronger conviction and confidence to help more people create better, healthier lives. My takeaway? I felt more energetic, stronger, lighter and my skin glows!

Hasma binti Hussain
37, Kedah

A Healthier Me

After my third pregnancy, my weight seemed to be stagnant. After consistent consumption of Shaklee products and adopting a healthier lifestyle, I finally lost weight! I was delighted that I could wear my pre-pregnancy clothes. Shaklee really works!

Umi Syafiqah Mohd Hisham
33, Melaka

From 4XL to M!

As a plus size, I struggled with self-criticism, self-worth, dull skin and leg aches. I was determined to change my lifestyle and found Shaklee. I successfully lost weight and regained better health. I’m much happier and confident now. Jom lead healthier lives with Shaklee!

Siti Maimunah bt Baharudin
33, Negeri Sembilan

Eat Better, Live Healthier

I love starchy foods, snacks and sweets. Which girl doesn’t? Little by little, I gained weight and experienced acne breakouts. I turned to Shaklee ESP Soy Protein, Cinch drink and other foundational nutrition. My skin condition got better and my friends complimented on my rosy complexion! In addition, I lost the excess weight and developed a healthier relationship with food and exercise. I feel great and I’m glad to have met Shaklee!

Ang Hui Xin
28, Penang

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