I am a mother of three, and my children’s health is my priority. I pay close attention to food intake, water consumption and supplementation for my children. I am grateful for Hero Kiddo because the kids will take the gummy by themselves – no reminders needed! They love the cute shape and great taste. Hero Kiddo is so convenient – we grab a bottle before heading outdoors. With Hero Kiddo, I wish for my sons to stay healthy and strong throughout their growing years.

Hero Kiddo is a tasty gummy loaded with vitamins C and D, zinc, and health-supporting Elderberry extract that’s perfect for kids. It’s no secret that even parents and grandparents love it! My grandchild and I share a special bond and Hero Kiddo has brought about more fun times for us. She loves Hero Kiddo. With its zero sugar, vegan friendly formula that’s easy to chew, as a grandmother, I enjoy them very much. Together, we look forward to our three Hero Kiddo gummies each daily!

As Malaysians, we love our food, always having the urge to chew on something! As I am currently on a weight management program, I focus on eating healthy. Reducing my calorie intake causes me to feel hungry, and in need of something to chew on. That was how I started taking Hero Kiddo as my healthy snack. The fruity taste keeps my appetite in check. While busy with my daily work from home activities, I often feel the need to nibble. Reaching out for zero sugar Hero Kiddo is a great alternative to taking other snacks that are high in sugar.

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