Stay Safe. Protect Your Health.

Tough times don’t last but healthy people do! Safeguard your body from the inside out, naturally with these essentials!

Healthy cells = Healthy You!

Garlic Complex
Giving you the best combination of garlic and rosemary as antioxidants.

NutriFeron® Granules
Activate your shield! Keep the dangers at bay.

Sustained Release Vita-C Plus™
Get at least 500mg of vitamin C for five hours of protection.

GET CLEAN® Water Pitcher
Stay hydrated and keep your throat moist at all times.

A refreshing drink to keep yourself protected and energised all day!

GET CLEAN® Fresh Laundry Concentrate
Contaminants may linger on clothes especially after you’ve visited crowded places. Keep your clothes clean and protect from contaminants.

Meal Shakes
Stay nourished. Stay healthy.

Vita-Lea® for Children
Offers 18 essential vitamins and minerals for your young ones.

One drop Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate + Water in mini spray bottle

Take it with you.
Spray on doorknobs, shopping trolley handles, etc. Spray some on your hands immediately after touching public surfaces.

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