Certain individuals may require more vitamin C.
Are you one of them?

Working Adults

Study shows that people who constantly experience stress get sick easily due to a suppressed immune system and low levels of Vitamin C in the body1. Vitamin C supplementation is found to be helpful in:

  • Boosting the immune protection1.
  • Improving mood1.

Expectant Mothers

The pregnancy hormonal changes affect mom’s immune system, making moms susceptible to infections and putting both mommy and baby at risk. A regular intake of Vitamin C in pregnant moms helps to:
  • Reduce the likelihood of complications during pregnancy.
  • Boost mom’s immune protection for the safety of both mom and baby.
  • Improve iron absorption, lowering the likelihood of anaemia.
Enjoy a healthy and safe pregnancy with Vitamin C!


Did you know, lack of sleep weakens your immune system, increasing the likelihood of getting sick? To add to that, you also will have a slow recovery period2. Vitamin C supplementation is found to be helpful to:
  • Enhance immune response and protection.
  • Speed up the recovery period.


The immune system tends to get weaker as you age. It also absorbs fewer nutrients, and might leads to various nutrients deficiency including the immune boosting Vitamin C. Vitamin C supplementation is highly recommended as it helps:
  • Enhance protection against infection.
  • Reduce the likelihood of getting sick especially due to infections.

Sustained Release Vita-C Plus™ All-Natural Vitamin C


  • Sustained Release Vita-C Plus™ is an all-natural product derived from corn extract suitable for those with sensitive stomachs.
  • With a sustained release system that delivers 500mg of vitamin C over a period of five hours to improve utilisation and reduce waste of vitamin C. This is equivalent to one-and-a-half oranges every hour for five hours.
  • Added with 120mg of citrus bioflavonoids that acts synergistically with vitamin C, enhancing its effect.

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