Your Guide to Stay Safe and Healthy during RMCO

As we ease into the New Normal during Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), it’s important to continue to stay safe and stay healthy.

Follow these tips!

Drink Up!
Drink clean, fresh and safe water to flush out toxins and to maintain balance of body fluids to stay healthier.
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GET CLEAN® Water Pitcher reduces up to 99% of heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium, and improves water taste!

Keep Your Immune System in Tip Top Condition
Nutrients such as polyphenols, vitamin C, vitamin A and garlic are helpful to support immune cell’s functions to keep infections at bay. Get them from supplements to close nutritional gaps from your diet.
Did You Know?
Wide spectrum of polyphenols helps support general health and maintenance for youthful and vibrant living!

Stay Hydrated
Your bodily processes function optimally when you keep your body hydrated. Ensure you are hydrated especially now that you’re back to the daily grind and out in the sun or engage in sports.
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Performance® Drink supports optimal hydration with its proprietary electrolyte blend.

Wear Clean Clothes
As you’re up and about, your clothes are exposed to dirt, germs and bacteria. Practise good hygiene by washing your clothes once you reach home with hypoallergenic and natural laundry detergent.
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GET CLEAN® Fresh Laundry Concentrate and Soft Fabric Concentrate offer powerful performance with enzyme activated cleaners for cleaner laundry.

Clean Home = Healthy Home
Keep your home free from germs and keep clean with safe, chemical-free and eco-friendly household cleaners.
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Basic H Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate leaves all surfaces shining without harmful residue and Hand Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate is tough on grease but gentle on hands.

Avoid the 3 Cs
Avoiding crowded places, confined spaces and close conversations are highly encouraged so you stay safe.
Did You Know?
Virus is transmitted via droplets during close proximity. So, wear masks,
wash your hands regularly and practise social distancing at all times.

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