Fuel Your Festivities Res V to the Res Q!

Res V is 30% more potent in a convenient to-go softgel

Take care of your health to fully embrace the festivities. Here’s how polyphenols can help!

Res Q for Better Energy

Polyphenols Boost Mitochondria for More Energy

Polyphenols improve mitochondrial function. Mitochondria in your cell are responsible for producing energy. Polyphenols can help increase mitochondria counts and improve energy production1.

Res Q Your Cell

Polyphenols Are Nature’s Bodyguards Against High-Fat Feasts

Indulging in rich, delicious meals is a delightful part of the new year celebrations. Make polyphenols your feasting bodyguards. Research has shown that taken before a high-fat meal, polyphenols can blunt inflammatory response in the body2.

Res Q Your DNA

Polyphenols Protect Against DNA Damage

Polyphenols go deep down to the DNA level. Studies have revealed that a unique blend of polyphenols can provide a remarkable 40% protection against oxidative DNA damage in human cells3.

Take Your Daily Dose of Polyphenols!

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