Do you look older than your actual age? The tell-tale signs may be written all over your face. Fret not as you can halt the ageing process with polyphenols.

Halt Ageing with Polyphenols

Reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Younger looking skin

Reduced formation of pigmentation

Firmer and plumper skin

1. Halt Breakdown of Collagen and Elastin
Studies have shown that polyphenols help to neutralise free radicals responsible for the breakdown of collagen and elastin1 that resulted in decrease in elasticity and firmness. With polyphenols acting as a scavenger of free radicals, new collagen can be formed, and skin is able to repair itself1 for healthier-looking skin.

2. Protect from Sun-Induced Damage
Polyphenols help protect against UV damage that destroys collagen and elastin at a faster rate. It also helps to reduce inflammation hence ultimately, improves skin appearance.2

3. Inhibit AGE Protein Formation
Advanced glycation end products (AGE) are harmful compounds formed in the body and in food. High levels have been shown to cause oxidative stress and inflammation and contributes to loss of elasticity, wrinkles and accelerated ageing3. Polyphenols help to inhibit its formation so you can look and feel younger longer.

The Perfect Blend of Polyphenols
These botanicals provide a unique spectrum of polyphenols that boost cell health and promote longevity.

Muscadine Grape

Purple Carrot Extract

European Elderberry Extract

Japanese Knotweed Extract

Rejuvetrol patent-pending blend


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