Immune Boosting

Products That You Should Add in Your Shopping List

Defend against viruses and many more with these nutrition boosters to stay strong and healthy.

  • Provides 14g of Low Glycemic Index protein.
  • PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) score of 1.0 – highest value protein digestibility and highest protein quality.
  • Contains 9 essential amino acids.
  • Rich in calcium.
  • Cholesterol free.
  • Soy protein helps to reduce cholesterol*

* Amount of soy protein recommended to give the lowering effect
on the blood cholesterol is 25g per day.

  • Sustained Release System that delivers 500mg of vitamin C over a period of five hours to improve utilisation and reduce wastage.
  • This is equivalent to one-and-a-half oranges every hour for five hours.
  • More effective with added 120mg of Citrus Bioflavonoids.
  • All-natural source.
  • Gentle on stomach.
  • Formulated to keep your body’s defences in good working order, safely and naturally.
  • Rapidly activates your natural shield, giving you a stronger defence and better health.
  • Contains proprietary blend of four plant extracts derived from pumpkin seeds, safflower flowers, plantago seeds and Japanese honeysuckle flower, traditionally used for general health and strengthening the body.
  • A special formulation only available through Shaklee.
  • Delicious botanical drink.
  • Contains unique blend of Muscadine Grape Extract, European Elderberry Extract, Japanese Knotweed Extract and Purple Carrot Extract.
  • Boosts superior concentrations of ellagic acid and ellagitannins that when combined with other polyphenols, yield immense antioxidant power.
  • Contains muscadine grape power using a patented extraction process to preserve bioactive polyphenols.

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