Performance® Drink A Refreshing Thirst Quencher

Keeping our bodies hydrated during the fasting month may be a challenging task. When your body does not have sufficient amounts of water it needs, dehydration will occur.

Dehydration negatively affects the health of our various body systems:

Affecting the body’s normal physical performance.

Leading to fatigue and body weakness1.

Causing digestive discomfort or constipation.

Reducing the absorption rate1 of our organs which may lead to constipation.

Leading to reduced skin elasticity and dry skin. This is because 30% of our skin is made of water which provides our skin resilience, plumpness and elasticity1.

Stay hydrated to keep active and alert while fasting

8 Cups of WATER per day

Iftar Night Sahur

Drink Up and Stay Hydrated!

  • With OPTI-LYTE, proprietary electrolyte blend plus unique mix of carbohydrates.
  • Delivers instant and sustained energy.
  • Supports optimal hydration.
  • In delicious Orange or Lemon-Lime flavours.

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