Reset and Nourish to an ESPecially Healthy You

New year, new health goals? Get rid of the toxins in your body so your body can absorb what you feed your body. This way, it’s easier to get your body back on track with the right nourishment so you can be at your best self – healthy, confident, strong and fit!

Why Detox?

Better weight management by eliminating toxins and shrinking fat cells.

Increased energy so you can do more in a day!

Boosted immunity by strengthening your body’s defense.

Improved digestion by encouraging bowel regularity.

RESET with Naturally Nutritious Alfalfa

Cleanse your body to get rid of toxins so you feel better and lighter!

Cleanses and Detoxifies

  • Replenishes supportive vitamins and minerals in the liver for optimum functions.
  • Cleanses and detoxifies the liver.

Alkalizing Effect

  • Neutralises the acidifying effect in the body.
  • Reduces inflammation.

Aids in Digestion

  • Contains high ratio of digestive enzymes and fibres.
  • Promotes highly functioning digestive system.

Why Nourish?

Supports physical and mental health.

Supports physical and mental health.

Provides our body with quality fuel to keep us feeling good and moving well.

Helps us sleep better.

NOURISH with ESPecially high-quality plant-based protein

After a cleansed body with healthier digestive system, your body can now absorb nutrients effectively and efficiently!

Boosts Energy All Day Long!

  • Promotes steady blood glucose level to sustain energy all day long.
  • A continuous consumption of soy protein was found to enhance stamina levels.1,2

Moisturises Skin and Strengthens Hair

  • Strengthens the outermost layer of the skin, thus maintaining moisture on skin so it would not dry out easily.
  • Speeds up cell healing process so your skin recovers faster.
  • Increases cell turnover by sloughing down old hair to make room for new ones.

Manages Healthier Weight

  • Increases satiety so you feel full longer.
  • Maintains muscles mass as the more muscles you have, the higher metabolism rate you will have so you burn more calories.

1. Barbul A. The use of arginine in clinical practice. In: Cynober, LA, ed. Amino acid metabolism and therapy in health and nutritional disease. New York, NY. CRC Press Inc. 1998:361- 383.
2. Rossi A, DiSilvestro RA, Blostein-Fujii. 1998. “Effects of soy consumption on exercise induced acute muscle damage and oxidative stress in young adult males.” FASEB, vol 12:5 p. A653.

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