Self-Love Starts Here

Whether you’re looking to soothe tired muscles, promote relaxation, or enhance your self-care routine, Embun by Tanamera helps you embrace self-love and prioritise your well-being. Pamper your body and soul with our natural wellness collection.

Smooth, Silky Skin Awaits

Smooth Tummy Oil

Visibly reduces stretch marks and cellulite.

Ideal for dry and itchy skin

Doubles as a relaxing massage oil

Feel Fresh, Inside and Out

Feminine Herbal Wash

Promotes tightening of the vaginal muscles

Deodorises, promotes overall vaginal health and freshness

Reduces swelling and promotes wound healing

Soothe Muscles, Sleep Soundly

Relaxing Magnesium Gel

Prevents muscle cramps and tension

Promotes better sleep and reduces stress

Good as a relaxation gel for pre and post exercise

Soothe Your Senses, Warm Your Soul

Warming Herbal Bath

To lift up mood and as a relaxation and stress relief bath.

Relieves and soothes muscles and joint soreness.

Warms the body and protects against wind (angin).