6 Essential Nutrients To Keep Joints Moving Freely

Protect joints from wear and tear with these must-have nutrients

Boswellia and Safflower Extracts

  • Relieve joint pain and muscular discomfort by inhibiting the enzymes that contribute to painful sensation.1,2
  • Protect cartilage by reducing prolonged joint inflammation and thus protecting joint cartilage from further damage.1,2
  • Restore joint tissue by supporting the tissue repair process, increasing blood flow to the joint area thus helping to restore the inflamed joint tissues.3

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

  • Slow down cartilage degradation by regulating the normal process of maintaining cartilage thickness in joints, for better mobility and flexibility.4
  • Act as joint lubricant. Likened to a lubricant called synovial fluid that cushions and lubricates the joints thus enabling creaky and painful joints to move freely.5
  • Manage inflammation by helping to diminish the production of inflammatory markers that trigger inflammation.6

Soy Protein

  • Supports rebuilding of cartilage
    – Protein aids in the production and rebuilding of cartilage.7
    – Provides strength and structural support to other joint components such as tendons and ligaments. 7


  • Builds strong and healthy bones. Serving as a building block for bones, calcium helps maintain bone strength and structure.8


  • Stimulates the synthesis of cartilage by rebuilding cartilage, providing strength and elasticity, therefore supporting joint health.10


  • Fight against aging process by helping to keep cells healthy and strong, including cells that form cartilage tissues, while slowing down and protecting cartilage from degradation.9
  • Nurture and support joint comfort by increasing the production of cartilage and collagen in joints.9 Polyphenols may reduce joint inflammation and joint pain, helping to improve joint comfort and flexibility.9

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