Be Smart! Choose The Right Fish Oil

Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil support heart health, brain function, joint support, eye health and more. But do you know that not all fish oils are created equal?

Beware of heavy metal contaminants

Fish high in mercury can end up in fish oil. Distillation removes these contaminants. Higher distillation means purer, safer fish oil.

Get right amount of DHA & EPA

On fish oil labels, look for DHA and EPA content, not just total fish oil. Aim for at least 300mg DHA and 400mg EPA per serving.

Full Spectrum Omega-3 is better

Our body requires a full spectrum of omega-3 in addition to EPA and DHA to support and maintain normal bodily functions. Choose a fish oil that contains a full spectrum of 7 pure occurring omega-3 including EPA, DHA and more!

Size matters

Did you know that the bigger the fish, the higher its accumulation of toxins and heavy metals? Don’t be fooled!

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