Move Freely, Live Fully

Do you dream of an active life free from aches and pains, but worry your heart health might hold you back? Let’s explore the potential of omega-3s, coenzyme Q10, boswellia, and safflower extract for a healthier, more vibrant you.

Omega-3 + Coenzyme Q10 For Healthy Heart

Energise and Strengthen Heart Muscle

Improve heart health by enhancing muscle energy and function. 1,2

Improve Blood Circulation

Fight free radicals that harm blood vessels and reduces plaque build-up3,4, promoting healthy circulation.

Optimise Heart Pumping

Boost blood pumped per beat5,6, for improved energy and overall heart health.

Omega-3 + Boswellia + Safflower Extract For Happy Joints


Reduce joint pain and discomfort. Improve mobility and flexibility by inhibiting pain signals.7

Protect and Repair

Shield cartilage from damage by reducing inflammation.8

Enhanced Blood Flow

Support repair process by increasing blood flow to the joints.9

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