Give Your Child A Nutritious start With Shaklee Meal Shakes!


A nutritious, yummy, creamy beverage rich in calcium, dietary fibre, and protein for kids and teens!

A Great Tasting Meal On-The-Go

19 essential vitamins & minerals
— fill their nutrition gap

Excellent Source of Protein
— for growth and development

9 essential amino acids
— proper growth & tissue repair

Rich in calcium
— for strong bones & teeth

Low calories
— a healthier breakfast/snack

Low glycemic index
— give your kids sustained energy

Dietary fiber
— better digestion, bye bye constipation

Low fat, zero transfat
— prevent unwanted weight gain

Natural vanilla flavour
— your kids will love it!

It’s easy to prepare!

For a creamy, low fat & nutritious shake:
Put 1/4 cup (34g) of powder in 1 cup of cold water or low-fat milk.

For a richer, frothier shake:
Put 1/3 cup (45g) of powder, 1 cup of whole milk + ice cubes in a blender.

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