Goodbye Steroids. Hello Health!

I have asthma and developed various side effects, including eczema, moonface, hunchback, and joint pain, from the use of steroids.

Discovering Shaklee’s Vivix and Res V was a game-changer for me. After nine months of consuming Vivix, I was thrilled to no longer be steroid-dependent and experienced significant improvements in my overall health. I could breathe easily while sleeping, my skin felt smooth and soft, my headaches and joint pain lessened. Taking Res V at night gives me quality sleep and I wake up energised.

With Vivix and Res V, I have newfound vitality!

Master Coordinator
Serene Ng Siew Fang, 43, Ipoh

Vivix & Res V - Postpartum Must-Haves!

I started taking Vivix during my university years to boost my energy levels and protect my body from free radicals caused by excessive screen time.

Vivix became an integral part of my pre-pregnancy routine as I prepared for motherhood. During confinement, Vivix and Res V played a crucial role in supporting my postpartum healing. Within 11 days of my baby’s arrival, I was able to comfortably travel by car and care for my seriously ill mother. Vivix and Res V provided invaluable support for my physical and emotional well-being as I navigated the loss of my beloved mother while caring for my newborn.

For mothers seeking postpartum healing support, make Vivix and Res V your go-to today!

Master Coordinator
Siti Nurmie binti Che Ismail, 25, Kelantan

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