Wake Up to Glowing,

A good night’s sleep is what your skin needs. Your skin works to protect itself from many external factors throughout the day. At night, it shifts to a recovery mode, with the regeneration process up to three times faster than during the day.

Complement this by implementing best practices using beneficial skin care products with simple nighttime rituals so you can wake up with a glow from head to toe!


A thorough cleanse is essential in the evening. It will remove dirt, pollution, dead skin cell buildup, and excess oil. Double-cleansing is a method in which you first cleanse with an oil-based wash, followed by a gentle water-based one.

Use Heavier, More Potent Products At Night

Skin loses significant hydration as we sleep. Make the most of your beauty sleep. Consider using a stronger, heavier, more occlusive moisturiser, like YOUTH™ Activating Serum and YOUTH™ Advanced Renewal Night Cream – Rich, to seal it all in and help repair the skin after a long day.

Evening - The Perfect Time For A Mini Spa

Utilise your spare moments before bed to pamper your skin with some extra treatments. Take a relaxing bath and apply a clay-based face mask. Try YOUTH™ Purifying Clay Mask to draw out any impurities from your day to ensure your skin is clean before bedtime.

Nourish From Within

Collagen production, repair and antioxidant activity happens when we are sleeping. The better you prepare yourself for sleep, like creating a bedtime routine and sticking to the same sleep schedule, the better your chances of achieving that gorgeous glow. Collagen tightens pores, improves skin softness and smoothness while supporting skin structure for glowing, youthful looking skin.

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