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Discover how ordinary people achieved their health goals. No fads, no starving. Let’s get in shape in a way that lasts!

From 5XL to M!

People say, the older you are, the slower your body reacts. Little did I know that I could still drop the weight and gain a new me at this age! It’s all thanks to safe, proven and effective Shaklee supplements in addition to adopting a healthier lifestyle. Now, I feel more energetic, healthier and looked younger!

Hamidah Ibrahim
48, Kuala Lumpur

My Life Keeps Getting Better!

Leading a sedentary lifestyle, I once hit 120kg on the weighing scale. Walking and climbing up the staircase were a chore to me. I was determined to take charge of my health. Thankfully, I was introduced to Shaklee. With improved eating habits and Shaklee supplements, I successfully dropped my weight to 88kg! Besides a slimmer figure and regaining confidence, my skin condition improved tremendously! I’m still a work in progress so watch this space!

Nurshafiza bt Hamidun
39, Penang

Visible Results in Just 1 Month!

In only one month, I’ve lost 5kgs and almost 3 inches! Am so excited that this programme could transform me so much during this period. Besides the weight and inch loss, many friends complemented me on my glowing skin. Previously, when I stood or walked too long, I would feel tired but now, I could go on the entire day. Most importantly, no more thigh chaffing! I’m excited to see what the following months would bring me as I’m continuing this programme to reach my weight goals. Cheer me on!

Najwa Nabila Harun
27, Selangor

No Tiredness, No Starving

Conventional weight loss programmes will leave you restless and hungry. With Shaklee, it’s a different experience! Shaklee supplements helped nourish my body with essential nutrients so it works optimally. I even feel energetic throughout the process and after workouts, which was amazing! Thanks, Shaklee for a positive weight loss journey.

Juniza bt Zamri
38, Kedah

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