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ResV-Vix Fueled My Recovery to Happier Rides

Sore knees from an old chiropractic mishap would keep me away from sporting activities. I opted for cycling but even a leisurely 5-7 km bike ride left me limping.

Then came ResV-Vix. With improved knee stamina, I conquered 20-40 km rides like never before. And the recovery! Gone were the lingering aches, replaced by a spring in my step and pedal stroke.

The benefits went beyond endurance. It is like someone turned up my energy dial, leaving me feeling revitalised and eager to tackle anything, work or play.

ResV-Vix is worth the ride – for energy, vitality, and health.

Master Coordinator
Mohd Khairul Amin bin Kamarudin, 40, Selangor

Reclaiming My Health with Vivix Younger and Thriving!

My life was not always sunshine and rainbows. Before Vivix, I was burdened by my body weight – 85kg and a 36-inch waist! – and health concerns. Fatigue was my constant companion, sapping my energy and motivation. A gout attack, triggered by high uric acid, was the wake-up call I needed. Blood tests revealed host of issues: high blood pressure, fat, sugar, cholesterol, and body fat.

Determined to take control, I embraced a healthier lifestyle, seeking out nutritious foods when a friend introduced me to Vivix. After thorough research, I felt confident and began taking it, guided by a Shaklee nutritionist.

Within days, a shift occurred. My energy levels soared. No more midday naps, just sustained vitality throughout the day. Vivix, combined with a balanced diet and proper exercise, propelled me to my remarkable transformation. But the most profound changes were internal. My blood tests told a new story: balanced sugar, lipids, cholesterol, body fat, and a normalised uric acid level.

My Vivix journey helped me reclaim my health and vitality.

Key Coordinator
Michael Tan Chun Chet, 37, Johor

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